Always developing


Vina Foods Kyoei - VFK - always developing new products that satisfy the ever-changing requirements from our customers and consumers, with a mindset of "Eating is relishing, a personal and health-focus experience". Even with the highest requirements from consumers with allergies, VFK is also developing product lines that are allergen-free.

According to world statistics, lots of people suffer from 1 or 2 different types of foods, depend on their health & body conditions. Some foods/ ingredients can cause allergy reactions such as: wheat, peanut, egg, milk, soy, seafood, sesame.... Within wheat, the allergen is Gluten (A protein that exist in wheat, responsible for the structure & texture of the final product). Although bread is the main staple for most of the European & American countries, the number of people who are allergic to Gluten is very high (7 to 9% population of American are alleric to Gluten)

With the existing situation and rising demand, VFK is researching on Gluten-free products that can satisfy these demands, bringing an exciting opportunity to Gluten-allergic consumers to savour the ultimate delicious breaded fried meals without worrying about health issues.

Furthermore, we also improve our products to minimize oil absorbing feature in order to cut down the oil content after frying. With that, our consumer no longer have to mind about consuming too much oil in their meal.

Another important point in our products is that our ingredients do not contain GMO material, and in the future, will aim to use organic materials also, to ensure the highest quality as well as protect the health of our consumers.