Panko history
1. Panko first appeared in Meiji Era in Japan. In 1853, when ships from the far West came to Japan, they also brought their Western culture and cusine. On the street, Western restaurants has became popular with their dishes such as Croquette or breaded fish. The coating of these dishes were called "panko", but at that time, panko that produce outside of Japan used to be crumbs from the crust of biscuit or bread, and their price was very high. Chefs were gradually replacing those with their self-made panko by sieving bread through a metal mesh.
2. The requirement for panko was changing, compare to prior panko, all the features as oil absorbtion, crunchiness, after fried colors are much more valuated. But with the diversified demands, nowadays, panko is oriented to achieve higher quality, better ability to adapt with other value-added goods. By maintaining taste, texture, selecting ingredients to create delicious and quality panko to respond to the now rising trend of health-focus, low-sugar, non-fried, non-additives.... of the consumers.
How to use
3. Panko is used quite simply, but can vary to create different type of coating for ingredients like shrimp, meat, poultry, cheese, vegetable, topping.... You can check out some recipes in: "RECIPES"